How it Works

This section explains how import and export of orders between Tryton and Magento works. First, lets start with creating the sale orders:

Create Sale Orders in Magento

Under the ‘Sales’ tab in the Magento admin panel, click on ‘Create New Order’ button. This will allow you to add sale orders to your products. The order process consists of several simple steps. You can start by adding an item to the cart, then proceed to checkout. After that, select a checkout method, fill the billing and shipping information, select a payment method and place the order. See below how to Create New Order.


All the data represented below is demo data and is only for demonstration purposes.

Sale in Magento


Orders in Magento

You can review all your orders from the Magento admin panel> Sales > Orders. In the previous section, we placed a list of orders. Click on it to see how it appears:


Orders are imported as Sales

Orders placed in Magento Admin Panel are imported in Tryton from Store View. See below:


An order in Magento has a number of entities related to it which are imported in Tryton as described below:

  • The Order is imported as a Sale. The sale in Tryton can be identified by the Order Number which will be same as the order reference in Magento. Internally the matching is done using the ID of the order as generated by Magento.
  • The date on which the order is generated.
  • The Customer who placed the order as a Sale.
  • The products, i.e., the products bought in the order by the customer are imported as Sale lines. The product in each of these lines is created as product in Tryton, if it does not already exist.

A window pop-ups to import all sale orders placed on this store view. Enter Continue, refer screenshot shown below:


Order imported as Sales in Tryton

Sales >> Sales


When the order import takes place again, the changes in the state of the orders in Magento will be updated in Tryton.

Cancellation Of Sale Order

You can edit an order by clicking on it and modify it to your preference. To cancel the order click on Cancel:


Now state has been changed to cancelled, see below

Cancelled Sale Order


Now to export the changes to Magento, refer export order

Exporting Order Status from Tryton to Magento

Once the order is processed in Tryton, the shipping status of the order based on delivery is updated on Magento by Export Order.


This will export order’s status to magento for this store view

  • The status of orders which are imported in Tryton will be exported to Magento as Cancelled once they are marked Cancelled by editing sale order from Tryton.


This feature is currently available for Cancelled Orders